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marble floor restoration

Marble restore, repair, terrazzo restore and polishing

RCN’s stone restoration and maintenance care is the most cost-effective natural stone restoration company in South Florida. We specialize in natural stone polishing, honing, sealing, and repair services. The methods used in our natural stone restoration service are designed to reproduce the original stone finish produced by the factory.

All natural stone might lose its shine due to minor scratches,etching, and will damage the natural crystals on the surface due to high traffic and wear and tear. So here at RCN, we will work to restore the natural stones first look and we use a process known as diamond abrasive grinding that will bring that shine to your floors after acid washing and sealing it. RCN services: lawyers offices, doctors offices, apartment buildings, condos, etc. for marble restoration, terrazzo restoration, P\polishing and C\crystallize sealing

Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning in fort lauderdale, carpet cleaning in boca ratonWe believe that a healthy home or office starts with a clean carpet and clean floor, that’s why we guarantee you will love the outstanding job that we have to offer. We will maintain your carpets and office furniture weekly, monthly, or quarterly; no matter how heavily soiled the carpet gets, our team is IICRC certified in carpet and upholstery cleaning; to make sure that you are satisfied with the services we provide.

Our technicians can analyze your stains in order to choose the perfect stain removal agent. Before you replace your 20 year old carpet in your commercial building or office, try RCN Floor Cleaning Services first. You’ll save time and money with a professional stain-removal procedure. At RCN, we provide the safest effective professional carpet cleaning services .We are privately owned and operated with over 30 years of Marble Restoration experience and 10 years of Carpet Steam Cleaning experience and commercial cleaning services.

Our carpet cleaning technicians are trained to ensure the highest standard of quality in the carpet cleaning industry and floor cleaning solutions.Our cleaning methods exceed what is recommended by major carpet manufacturers. We use a state of the art powerful and effective Certified Agitation Pile Lifter and Steam Extraction machine leaving the carpets and upholstery chemical free. RCN services: Schools, Academies, Colleges, Learning Centers, Day Cares, Elderly Housing, Pawn Shops, Carpeted Suites, and High Rises.

Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing

Cleaning tile grout can be an extremely tough tedious, back breaking job. You spend hours on you hands and knees scrubbing the grout lines, just to see them get dirty within a month or two later. Grout is very porous, therefore everything that touches the grout is absorbed directly into it. Any and all spills are directly absorbed into the grout immediately. This makes it impossible to clean, because the liquid is actually deep into the grout opposed to sitting on the surface. The #1 cause of dirty, discolored grout lines is due to cleaning the the grout regularly. When you start mopping the floor the dirt from the tile and grout is turned into a liquid that is immediately soaked up by the porous grout. The more you mop your floor the dirtier and darker your grout lines become. The dirty water from your mop bucket is darkening your grout with every stroke of the mop. However, there are solutions to dirty, discolored grout lines. These solution include : Removing the grout and replacing it with new grout, Steam Cleaning the grout or using strong chemicals, Professionally Color Sealing the Grout

Sealing the Tile Floor after it has been cleaned is an important step towards long lasting protection. RCN Cleaning uses only top of the line products for the highest quality results you want. Our Tile Floor experts are experienced with hundreds of projects ranging from lobby areas of high rise buildings to individual residential homes.

Concrete Honing, Polishing and Repair, Epoxy Coating, Industrial Sealing

marble floor polishingPolished concrete floors are the latest trend in office spaces, retail spaces, manufacturers warehouses and homes. This is simply because they are easy to maintain, extremely cost effective, and have a beautiful mirror-like glossy finish or satin textured finish to them that will outlast any other surface available on the market today. There are a variety of options when choosing your polished concrete flooring, including the integral or penetrating stain color, the gloss level, and aggregate type. Our professionals will assist you in the processes used to reach the desired finish you request. Whether you’re looking for a super shiny floor or a more subtle reflection.

Polished Concrete is a process which enhances the natural beauty of existing concrete by hardening and polishing the concrete, in some instances penetrating dyes can be used to enhance the overall effect.

To ensure that your concrete polishing project is applied to your satisfaction, always make sure to use a CERTIFIED CONCRETE POLISHER for your projects and that’s where we come in the picture! RCN services: Storage Facilities, Pawn Shops, Schools, Academies, and Learning Centers For Concrete Polishing, Stripping and Sealing.

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