Commercial Floor Maintenance

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Marble Polishing Services

RCN Cleaning offers a wide range of floor restoration and maintenance care.   We specialize in natural stone polishing, honing, sealing, and repair services. The methods used in our natural stone restoration service are designed to reproduce the original stone finish produced by the factory.

All natural stone might lose its shine due to minor scratches, etching, due to high traffic and wear and tear. So here at RCN, we will work to restore the natural stones first look and we use a process known as diamond abrasive grinding that will bring that shine to your floors after acid washing and sealing it. 

Carpet Cleaning

We believe that a healthy  office starts with a clean carpet and clean floor, that’s why we guarantee you will love the outstanding job that we have to offer. We will maintain your carpets and office furniture weekly, monthly, or quarterly; no matter how heavily soiled the carpet gets, our team is IICRC certified in carpet and upholstery cleaning; to make sure that you are satisfied with the services we provide.

Our technicians can analyze your stains in order to choose the perfect stain removal agent. Before you replace your 20 year old carpet in your commercial building or office, try RCN  Cleaning Services first. You’ll save time and money with a professional stain-removal procedure. 

Terrazzo Polishing

Terrazzo is one of the more widely used natural stone surfaces in the building industry. Terrazzo flooring is especially popular in office buildings, lobbies, and commercial spaces due to its strength and durability. Often times, the high traffic from all the customers will result your floors becoming dull and faded. We will restore your terrazzo floors whether you need  a natural shine or a high glossy polish. we make your stone surfaces look great while standing up to heavy traffic. Our experienced office and field staff are here to serve you!

Strip and Wax Floors

We offer a full range of floor  commercial waxing  and  sealing service. Whether you have floors made of vinyl,  tile, terracotta, slate, or other material, our floor cleaning services provide quality cleaning at an affordable price. Our commercial Floor Waxing Service include high-speed polishing for a professional shine, honing to remove scratches, and waxing and sealing to protect your flooring. You can rely on us to do your VCT Strip and Wax Strip and wax Floors service.


Have you ever tried to clean tile and grout by yourself? It usually involves a toothbrush, a backache, and a lot of frustration. The worst part is that for all of the work you put in, you don’t get the results that you deserve. We are a commercial tile cleaning company ; we have state of the art cleaning tools that reach below the surface. We’ll have your tile and grout clean and bright in a fraction of the time. We also have the specific skills and training that it takes to provide a deep clean. Put down the toothbrush and call us. You’ll be glad that you did. We offer :

*Tile And Grout Cleaning 

*Grout cleaning service

*Professional Tile cleaning 

*Tile regrouting 



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Concrete Honing, Polishing and Repair, Epoxy Coating, Industrial Sealing

Polished concrete floors are the latest trend in office spaces, retail spaces, manufacturers warehouses and homes. This is simply because they are easy to maintain, extremely cost effective, and have a beautiful mirror-like glossy finish or satin textured finish to them that will outlast any other surface available on the market today. There are a variety of options when choosing your polished concrete flooring, including the integral or penetrating stain color, the gloss level, and aggregate type. Our professionals will assist you in the processes used to reach the desired finish you request. Whether you’re looking for a super shiny floor or a more subtle reflection.

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