Sanitation Cleaning | ULV Fogging Virus Treatment | Commercial, Residential, Automobiles

We use an environmentally certified botanical disinfectant that has been proven to kill over 99.99% of dust mites, bacteria, fungi, TB, HIV and other viruses.

Here at RCN we use electrostatic ULV foggers, and the biocide particles produced are so small that they remain suspended in the air long enough to kill airborne viruses and bacteria.

The biocide also eliminates pathogens on surfaces; including ceilings, walls, furniture and floors, making it highly effective for disinfection and odor control. This is why the electrostatic fogging method is important.

The fogging process is rapid and efficient. No need to seal off areas for days at a time or for a week, it takes only a few minutes to a hour for the sanitation and wiping down process to be completed. To avoid disruption and risk of allergic reactions, areas need to be clear of people. It’s best to conduct this service before the store opens or after they close.

Joan James