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Founded by Joan James, RCN Cleaning Services has been providing exceptional services to its clients in the South Florida region with over 15 years experience in the cleaning industry. It all started because the couple was unable to find a cleaning company that was convenient or affordable to clean her home. The solution was to establish a company that surpasses all the flaws in the cleaning industry,and offer excellent service that all its clients.

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Just as your happiness is a priority for us, we also want to make sure that all cleaners are well-trained and certified. All cleaners have passed a background, reference checks and all have over 5-10 years of professional cleaning experience. This ensures that you are given an amazing and professional cleaning each and every time we service your property.


Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, RCN Cleaning Services is the easy solution to help out with your household chores and office cleaning, and gives you that peace of mind that you don’t have to get your hands dirty. If you need a cleaning once a year, once a month, or twice a week, we will fit to your schedule and it is affordable. We are licensed and insured, very professional and we will make sure that all jobs are completed efficiently.


Ensuring building maintenance is an important task for many business owner. By hiring us, you are ensuring the your building is well maintained and always clean from germs. We always go beyond all of our clients expectations, whether it be performing personal requests or asking their preferences.  While there is no question that purchasing cleaning supplies, chemicals, cleaning tools, and machines can be quite expensive and can also rapidly add up. In that case, RCN Cleaning has made it easy for our clients to eliminate the headache, we provide all the environmently friendly chemicals and equipment to complete all jobs. 


Freeing up time in your busy schedule is another important benefit of hiring our cleaning. By hiring our maid services, you will be able to  dramatically decrease the amount of time spent on the cleaning and maintenance of your home or office. In all cases, our cleaning service can clean a home or office in a much shorter period of time than it would take for someone who is not experienced in the profession.  As a Homeowner or a business owner can therefore spend quality  time that would have been spent cleaning, use d to spend with your family or friends. 

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